Placer Independent Resource Services (PIRS) advocates for the rights of people with disabilities, educates the community about disability issues, empowers and provides services to persons with disabilities to live independent, productive lives. Any person with a disability is eligible for our services, which are free and include:

INDIVIDUAL AND SYSTEMS ADVOCACY: Assists individuals to understand their rights and responsibilities; teaches how to advocate for themselves to address their needs and resolve issues; educates the community and advocates for change to remove barriers and improve access to all facilities and services in the community; increases disability awareness and educates about the Americans with Disabilities Act
and other disability rights laws.

INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS TRAINING: Provides information about independent living skills such as using public transit, financial management, personal care, self-advocacy and makes referrals to outside resources for training.

INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: Provides a wide array of information and referrals about resources and services available for people with disabilities.

PEER SUPPORT: Provides individual and group peer support to address disability-related issues including self-advocacy, coping strategies, empowerment, resources and independent living skills.

PERSONAL ASSISTANT REFERRAL: Maintains an updated registry by recruiting qualified individuals to be employed by individuals and provide personal assistance or domestic services. Educates consumers about employer/employee responsibilities and management strategies, and provides referrals to screened applicants on the

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: Provides AT information, referrals and related services to live more independently; advocates for access and funding for AT.

MINOR HOME MODIFICATION: Installs adaptive equipment to make the home safer and improve access, such as grab bars, threshold ramps, flashing door bells, CO/smoke detectors, etc. No remodeling or major construction.

BENEFITS COUNSELING: Provides information about public benefits; can assist with applications and address basic benefits issues, or provide referrals.

HOUSING INFORMATION & ADVOCACY: Provides information about housing resources and can assist with applications; advises about search strategies and tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities. No referral or placement services provided.

COMMUNITY- BASED LIVING – Assists with planning, and provides support services and resource information to facilitate moving out of an institutional setting to a community-based home;

DIVERSION: Provides planning, assistance and resource information to prevent being moved from a community-based home into an institutional setting;

YOUTH: Provides information and services to assist out-of-school (post-secondary) transition age youth, 14 – 24, to transition to adult life.

PIRS Consumer Appeal Process

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For Agency on Aging\Area 4 funded programs only: You also may send a written statement to AAA\4 and include the results of the service provider’s review if dissatisfied with the results of our agency’s review.